COUTÉ A., LEITÃO. M. & SARMENTO H. (2004) Cylindrospermopsis sinuosa spec. nova (Cyanophyceae, Nostocales), une nouvelle espèce du sud-ouest de la France. Algological studies, 111 : 1-15

Cylindrospermopsis sinuosa spec. Nova, a new freshwater cyanophyte (=cyanobacterium), has been found in a sample collected in 1991 south-west of France. This new taxon is characterized by its cells and trichomes sinuous aspect unknown in all other species is described using photonic and scanning electron microscopies. Comparison with other species of the genus allows to propose an updated identification key to the Cylindrospermopsis genus. This is the more ancient citation of this genus for France. It shows once more if necessary the importance of collections conservation and examination.

Keywords : 
Cylindrospermopsis sinuosa, species nova, Cyanophytes, taxonomy, freshwater, south-west France