LEITÃO M. & A. COUTÉ (1999) Cas d’une marée rouge en rivière provoquée par un Peridiniopsis (Dinophyceae). Journal Botanique de la Société botanique de France

A red tide was observed in August 1994 in the River Loire (northwest of France), during a hot and sunny period and under low water conditions. Potomamoplankton sampling was carried out in the most coloured spots. Preliminary analysis showed a bloom widely dominated by a dinoflagellate, developing up to 13.5 millions of cells. L-1 and 95,6 mg L-1 fresh weight biomass. Plate formula, confirmed by mean of S.E.M., indicated aPeridiniopsis from borgei section. Nonetheless, resembling species present morphological differences which suggest that the Loire dinoglagellate could be a new taxon.
Keywords : Dinophyceae ; Red tide ; Pays de la Loire ; Peridiniopsis ; Potomamoplankton