LEITÃO M.,TEN-HAGE L., MASCARELL G. & A. COUTÉ (2001) Peridiniopsis corillionii sp. nova (Dinophyta), une nouvelle dinophycée d’eau douce de France responsable de marées rouges en rivière. Algological studies , 102 : 1-15

Peridiniopsis corillionii sp. nova, a new freshwater dinoflagellate causing red tides in rivers, occurred in several rivers from middle west of France between 1994 and 1999. Environmental conditions during the blooms are reported. This new taxon is described using photonic and scanning electron microscopies. Sporulation has been observed on living biological material. Comparison with other species of the genus allows to propose an updated identification key to the Peridiniopsis genus, borgeisection, to which belongs P. corillionii.

Keywords : 
Peridiniopsis corillionii ; species nova ; Dinophyta ; taxonomy ; freshwater ; red tides ; middle west, France