PRYGIEL J. & M. LEITÃO (1994) Cyanophycean blooms in the reservoir of Val Joly (northern France) and their development in downstream rivers. Hydrobiologia, 289 : 85-96

A study was carried out in 1992 on the Val Joly reservoir and the rivers situated downstream : the River Helpe Majeure and the canalized Sambre into which it flows 40 km below the reservoir. Each year, blooms of blue-green algae occur in the reservoir. They are dominated by species such as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (L.) Ralfs in 1991 or Pseudanabaena tenuis Koppe and Oscillatoria pseudogeminata G. Schmid in 1992. A typical fluvial composition of the phytoplankton was mostly restored above the confluence with the Sambre. Nevertheless, significant quantities of Oscillatoria and Pseudanabaena have been observed in the River Sambre, just below its confluence with the Helpe ajeure. The environmental conditions in the River Sambre do not allow Aphanizomenon to develop, but could favour Oscillatoria blooms.